Why “Curves and Dreams”?

Why did I choose the name “Curves and Dreams”? I wanted something different than just my name. I wanted to connect my new Instagram username to a recent post about what I want my voice and online presence to be like.

Here is what the post said: “I’ve been wanting to get more involved as an advocate for eating disorder recovery and fat acceptance and body positivity. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my involvement to look like. I also have a lot on my mind and don’t know what to share first! There are two things I know for sure I want to be a part of my advocacy: 1) truth and vulnerability about my struggles and my triumphs 2) all of my passions that enrich my life. I hope you join me on my journey of self-discovery, body acceptance, and recovery.”

I wanted my name to reflect those two points. I thought about Curves and Passions…but realized that would have a different connotation. 😬 I also thought about Curvy Journey. Ultimately I decided on Curves and Dreams. I want my blog to explore my recovery, my body positivity journey, my hobbies, my mind, and my life in general. I’m embracing my curves and following my dreams!

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